I’m Pretty Sure My Kid’s Teacher Hates Me

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I’m going to leave it. She may not like me, but I don’t mind her, as long as she keeps her hate on the ball – me! As I told my daughter, you’re not going to like every teacher, so appreciate the good ones. This lesson goes far beyond the classroom, into offices, doctors, lawyers, and pretty much everyone my daughter may run into for the rest of her life. As I said to my daughter just this morning, in less than two months, “No more school. No more books! No more teachers dirty looks!” (That last sentence, I think was meant for me!)

I don’t need closure with this teacher just as I’m sure she doesn’t need any closure from me. As I tell my single and dating girlfriends, “Sometimes things just end badly. That’s it!” But I will still buy her an end of the year gift. Any gift ideas for a teacher who hates you?

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