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9 Things That Happen When You Let Your Kids In The Kitchen

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5. You end up doing all of the actual work.


They’re ‘helping’ you, but they’re not really helping, you know? You deal with the cracking, sifting, kneading, dicing, slicing, and heating. They dump in a teaspoon of this and a quarter cup of that and spend the rest of the time drawing pictures in your cookbooks.

6. They eat all of your ingredients.


Cheese, chocolate, stray noodles, a glob of butter they randomly decided to scoop up with their finger. You’re ready to dump in the raisins, but oops. Nope. They’re already gone.

7. So much whining.


You’re the worst mom ever because you didn’t let them put the pan in the 400-degree oven. Why don’t you just let them burn themselves? Gosh!

8. They lose interest and run away.


Cooking is fun and all, but Curious George just came on and they’ve got to go. Peace out, Mom.

9. You have a great time


Even though you did 90% of the work, you got to spend quality time together and you’ll beam with pride when they tell people about all the fun you had together. Also, it’s pretty impressive when you go to cook next time and they remember all of the ingredients you need.

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