Child Abuse

Super Classy Parents And Grandfather Charged With Giving 23-Month-Old Weed, Because YOLO

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Marijuana toddler

Chautauqua County Sheriff

Get ready to put on your “what the fuck” hat folks! Two teen parents, 17-year-old Jessica Kelsey and 18-year-old George Kelsey and grandfather Don Baker were arrested this month on charges that they helped the teens’ 23-month-old child smoke marijuana. Yes, you read that right. SMOKE. How this happened, logistically, I don’t know. I still have trouble getting my 5-year-old to take cherry flavored children’s Tylenol.

According to the local police in Buffalo, NY, where the couple live, the child was “encouraged, helped or observed” smoking from a lighted bowl. Chautauqua County Undersheriff Charles Holder told local news affiliate WIVB:

“They packed the marijuana pipe, lit it for the baby and gave it to him and encouraged him to inhale…it’s just unbelievable.”

marijuana toddler

Chautauqua County Sheriff

It’s not entirely clear how the authorities became aware of the incident, but the news station did note that it might have been filmed. Because if you’re stupid enough to give your 2-year-old weed, then you’re definitely not smart enough to cover it up.

The teens and grandfather were charged with second-degree reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. Because “criminally idiotic” isn’t a crime apparently. According to the executive director of Renaissance House Jodie Altman:

“You have a 23-month-old child who’s completely helpless, can’t really say yes or no, wants to please their parents and grandparent, and this is what you do? There should be some serious consequences… unfortunately, when babies are having babies, that’s what happens.”

The toddler, along with another sibling are being cared for by children’s services, thankfully, and the parents are being held on the woefully low bond of $20,000.