6 Parent Screw-Ups To Make You Feel Better About That Time You Dropped The Baby

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If you’ve ever screwed the pooch on your parenting duties of keeping your kid happy, healthy, and with an undented skull, congratulations: you are not alone. In fact, you’re a lot likely to be alone if you’re the only one whose kid has somehow skated through his infant and toddler years miraculously unscathed.

Reddit user eftresq was looking for commiseration in a thread about bonking his baby daughter’s head on a restaurant light fixture, and he got what he was looking for in spades. Fortunately for me, I’m both short and in possession of the upper body strength of an anemic Tyrannosaurus Rex, and so my kids are in little danger from our house’s ceiling fans and light fixtures. (They have, however, fared less well around the sides of door frames and cupboards.) If, like me, you have ever experienced the terrible feeling of helplessly watching a baby take a header off the couch or chomp on a dog turd, enjoy taking a moment to acknowledge that your parenting screw-ups don’t make you a bad parent – they make you a normal one.

1. The classic changing table dive

reddit parenting tifu 1I’ve also noticed this bouncing baby phenomenon, often right after I let go of my kid’s hands and say, “Can you walk to Momma?” (Answer: no.) Good thing we have carpeted floors in the living room and not hardwood.

2. The multi-child pileup

redding parenting tifu 2This happening to me at some point seems inevitable, but somehow I haven’t yet fallen while carrying a child, and not for a lack of attempts on their part (or the dog’s). Picking up one baby turns an adult into walking catnip for any other children or pets in a twenty-yard radius.

3. The ‘oh god oh my GOD why’

reddit parenting tifu 3We discovered that the nails that fastened the carpet trim between the kitchen and living room were loose when my son yanked one out and tried to shove it into his mouth. I have never moved so fast in my entire life.

4. The public spectacle

reddit parenting tifu 6This is why I try not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I’m afraid someone is going to call the police on me for leaving the kids in the car long enough to retrieve a shopping cart from the nearest cart return, let alone if I accidentally drop one of them on their face in the frozen pizza aisle. “She dropped her kid, and she’s not even buying the brand with the organic crust! MONSTER!”

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