Mommyish Quiz: Worried If You Are A Good Parent? Take Our Quiz!

186867627Parenting can be so hard you guys. I am a professional parent â„¢ because I have four children and none of them are in prison yet (Fingers crossed!) and even I worry that I’m messing them up on occasion. I know a lot of you feel the same way because I can see you in your living room watching your child try and stick a Lego up their nose and wondering if you are setting them up for a lifetime of therapy and crying into a box of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls (Also â„¢.) Do not worry! Take this simple quiz and you will know once and for all if you are a good parent.

 1: How do you feed your baby? 

A: I breastfeed exclusively.

B: I bottlefeed exclusively.

C: Beef jerky.

2: Where does your baby sleep? 

A: With me. I’m a firm believer in co-sleeping.

B: In a crib.

C: It used to be the crib but then my pit bull Maisy had a litter of puppies and I needed a place to keep them so the baby sleeps under the crib.

3: If your baby falls and bumps its head, what do you do? 

A: Call the pediatrician right away and make an appointment, better safe than sorry.

B: Wait and see how baby is. Kids fall all the time and I know the signs to look for in case of injury.

3: Accuse baby of stealing the last of my Wild Turkey that I keep under the kitchen sink.

4: Do you use a playpen? 

A:  Yes. It works great when I want to keep baby safe so I can finally shower.

B: No. I think they are just glorified prisons.

C: I tried using a playpen but baby didn’t like it so now I keep my loaded handguns and used drug needles in there.

5: Your toddler starts to stick a fork in an electrical outlet. Do you…

A: Pull him away, childproof the socket and explain how that is dangerous?

B: Pull him away, childproof the socket, and give him a swift spank on the behind?

C: Hush up. My stories are on.

6: Your idea of quality time with your child is: 

A: Going to the zoo or park, kids needs fresh air and to explore the world.

B: Quality time? I use that time for cleaning and my child can play quietly by themselves.

C: Sometimes I leave them in the car in the casino parking lot so they can see some nature.

7: You suspect your child is being bullied at school. Do you: 

A: Call the school and arrange a meeting with the principal.

B: Get your kid a heavy bag. They need to learn how to stick up for themselves.

C: Cheer the other kid on. You ain’t raising no sissy.

8: Your kid is eight and wants to walk to the park alone and it is three blocks away. 

A: I don’t let them. I’m too afraid of what might happen.

B: I let them, but I start to worry if they aren’t back when I told them to be.

C: I give them 20 bucks to score me some primo bash while they are there.

9: When your child is older and become sexually active will you…

A: Take them to procure birth control and explain safe sex to them?

B: Teach them abstinence, and explain that sex can wait.

C: Encourage them to have a baby young so they can be on Teen Mom and buy you a car.

10: Your kid has been begging you for a toy. You..

A: Give in and buy it for them. They are only young once.

B:  have them do chores around the house to save up money to buy it.

C: Smash their piggy bank, steal their tooth fairy money, and spend it all on porno.

Now for your results!

If you answered mainly A’s, you are a good parent. If you answered mainly B’s, you are a good parent. If you answered mainly C’s, you aren’t so good of a parent but you can always learn how to be.

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