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The 10 Times Parenting Feels Like A Big, Fat, F&*k You

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I love being a parent. It’s something I always knew I wanted and I have two of the most amazingly beautiful children. But sometimes, like anything will, it gets really tiring. Most days it’s amazing but it has it’s moments that make you think, Really? Is this really happening? On the whole, being a parent is a joy – but there are those moments in time where it feels like a big, fat, f&*k you.

These are a few of those times…

1. Saturday morning, when the kid you normally have to drag out of bed to get to daycare on time, rises with the sun.

2. The end of the day, when one of your last parenting tasks – putting on your kid’s pajamas – makes you break into a sweat, almost cry, and question the very thing that drove you to have children.

3. All of the times parents online insist their three-year-old “just eats what we eat!”

4. The first time your toddler decides he isn’t ready to leave the bookstore and makes everyone in the place give you one of those “that lady has no control of her kid” glares.

5. The “Why?” stage.

6. The “No” stage.

7. When your passive-aggressive mom comes over and your grumpy toddler acts like and angel – hence convincing everyone the “mom” gene has skipped a generation.

8. When you stumble across a picture of yourself in a bikini from college and gaze upon your glorious midsection.

9. When you see your friends without children are taking another trip to some far off place you really want to go.

10. When you remember naps – your own.

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