Alarming Percentage Of Parents View Celebrity Parents As ‘Inspiration’

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Daniel Deme/

Daniel Deme/

If you want yet more evidence that we’ve become increasing isolated as people raising children (the anti-it takes a village, if you will) I urge you to consider why a large percentage of parents view celebrities — generally the most removed people from planet earth next to astronauts — as parenting “inspiration.”

Daily Mail reports that an unspecified number (suspicious) of parents surveyed by the supermarket chain, Asda “revealed that 86 per cent of mothers look up to celebrity parents as inspiration.” Topping off the list was Victoria Beckham, working mother of four who seems more aware of celebritty nonsense than most. Including Victoria, the list reads from top to bottom:

1.   Victoria Beckham

2.   Angelina Jolie

3.   Holly Willoughby

4.   Princess Diana

5.   The Queen

6.   Peter Andre

7.   David Beckham

8.   Karren Brady

9.   Non-celebrity mothers

10.  Myleene Klass

At least “non-celebrity mothers” made the top 10 list. Truthfully, I didn’t even expect them to rank considering that celebrity parents drive a considerable chunk of our country’s tabloid sales.

There are some deeply admirable names on that list, specifically Princess Diana and Angelina Jolie who don’t forget confronted the possibility of breast cancer with six kids to think about. But the admiration for celebrity parents in general is incredibly troublesome and grossly eclipses those true parenting heros among us. Mere mortals who are making it happen one day at a time with no money in the bank, no support system, no nice house to go home to, no childcare, and nothing but disdain from our culture.

Celebrity parents undoubtedly must navigate their own one percent challenges, but the notion that their quotes about work-life balance and how tough it is to be a working mom resemble any flecks of plebeian inspiration are laughable given the actual struggles that define in day-to-day parenting.

Say what you want about the Daily Mail readers, but a quick perusal of the comments revealed this perspective bomb:


Hell yeah, she is. That’s the mom I want to look to when I feel like I’ve hit a wall.

Furthermore, I can match that with a pull from our very own comment threads in response to our Anonymous Mom with a cousin hogging all the family support:


Please make your own list of inspirational parents in the comment threads.