Parenting Advice You Never Asked For: Jessica Alba Is The New Gwyneth

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the honest bookLook, I have nothing against Jessica Alba. I don’t even know the woman (at least not personally). But she’s kind of giving off a Gwyneth Paltrow vibe lately when it comes to parenthood. That’s because the actress and mom of two (Honor, 4, and Haven, 7 months) has suddenly become a self-appointed mommy “expert.”

After launching The Honest Company with Christopher Gavigan, Alba has once again teamed up with Gavigan –  former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World (a national nonprofit empowering parents to protect their children from toxic risks) – to write a new book. Slated for release next year, The Honest Life is a how-to handbook that will offer everything from tips on creating a non-toxic home to homemade beauty treatments to Alba’s favorite family recipes.

If this doesn’t just scream Gwyneth, I have no idea what does! Even her quotes are Gwyn-esque. “This book is for people…who want o create a healthier life, like me,” she tells People. Or how about this? “I always hide flax seeds in everything.” Apparently Alba and hubby Cash Warren refurnished furniture for Haven’s room, so you can also except DIY “family projects.” [tagbox tag=”Jessica Alba”]

I don’t know why this bugs me, but it does. I recognize that no one’s asking me to buy this book or to even Google Jessica Alba altogether. But much like people love to hate Gywnnie, I think I’m going through that with Alba. I guess it’s because they’re trying to be so relatable when really they’re not. They are also not experts on parenting, despite their gigs of preaching a healthy lifestyle and telling us how to care for our kids.

Then again, maybe I’m just jealous that Alba seems to have it together and I don’t. Maybe she truly is passionate about children’s health and is just trying to share her wisdom with the rest of us. It’s very possible. But, at least for now, I can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear her talk about her latest venture. I’ll leave you with this one: “I’m a crazy foodie. I love doing projects with my kids. Everything in this book will be something meaningful that I’ve incorporated into our lives. I wanted some kind of handbook with all the information I was consuming so I could apply it in a practical way.”

Thanks for the help, Albs!

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