10 Childfree People Who Give The Best Parenting Advice

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parenting-advice-from-childfree-peopleI have a confession to make: I love advice from childfree people. I mean, I don’t love shitty advice, and I don’t always love unsolicited advice, but once I’ve admitted to having no idea what the hell I’m doing, I’m not necessarily picky about who helps me fix that. I want your advice, whether or not you’ve harvested any fruit fro your loins.

I think I understand why people don’t–kids are a sensitive issue. But I’ll take marriage advice from single people, and financial advice from pretty much anyone who isn’t a Nigerian prince, so I also don’t automatically discount good wisdom nuggets from the childfree. Especially these ones:

1. Nannies and Childcare Workers

These people know what’s up for real. I realized that my parenting “bag of tricks” was dismally small once I met a girl five years younger than me with no kids who could potty train a child in two months flat and was dubbed the “toddler whisperer” for the way she soothed the savage beasties that we cared for.

2. Doctors

I trust doctors. They’re smarter than me, and if my kid likes you, I like you too.

3. Childfree Aunties

Whether they’re related to you or not, if the childfree auntie (or uncle) has truthbombs to drop than you must heed. Odds are, your child will end up listening to and essentially liking them more than you anyway, so…

4. People Who Hate Kids

Hang on one second. If you find kid-haters distasteful, think of it this way: consider their entire personalities the advice you should be taking. If they are truly scummy and rude, try and do everything in your power to make sure that your kids don’t end up like them.

5. Other Kids

My friend’s five-year-old didn’t have children when she told me that my freshly dyed hair was probably what was freaking my own toddler out. “She’s probably scared cause you look like a stranger”. Wise words, little one. Wise, indeed.

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