Parental Auto-Correct Failures Go Viral

If I knew how to take a screen shot on my iPhone, I would put a picture up of my mother’s first attempt at text messaging. Here’s how it went:

Carolyn: Ho
Carolyn: Hi Mollie I am trying to learn how to text.

Mollie: You are doing well. But I resent you calling me a ho.

See, she typed “ho” instead of “hi” at first. OK, not that funny. But how about those screenshots of auto-correct gone wrong? Over at the web site “Damn You AutoCorrect” you can see some of the finest auto-correct failures out there. Here are a few of the parenthood-related ones in recent days:

And here’s a Mom explaining how Dad’s doctor’s visit went to one of her children:

And finally we have some unorthodox parenting tips:

iPhone auto-correct problems are so extensive that Volkswagen now has an ad campaign making fun of them. Here’s a great parenthood-related one:


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