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Bad Mom Advice: Potty Training In The Winter Is Bogus And I Hate Other Parents

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I HATE OTHER PARENTS! Here’s a bad parenting question… What do I do when a parent suggests a playdate to my face but behind my back says she doesn’t want our kids playing together. Ever?

Stab? In the eye? Just fucking be honest. I get it. My kid’s difficult. You don’t have to fucking go out if your way to LIE, though.

Why the hell do you think I can answer this? I hate other parents too. I hate their whiny, spoiled, bratty obnoxious kids and I hate how other parents are always humble-bragging about some stupid shit their kid did that all kids do and yet they expect you to feign excitement over the fact little Billy learned how to tie his own shoes. Plus, I hate playdates because some kid always comes over to my house and puts their feet on my furniture and doesn’t say “please” and tries to play sexy games with the Barbies. Screw that.

There are very few kids your own kid will get along with. There are even less parents you will get along with. Your kid doesn’t need a pile of friends. They need one or two good friends who have a parent you can tolerate which basically means you have someone to swap off car-pooling duties with or who can watch your kid in case of emergency like getting tickets to a Jay Z concert or who will bring you a bottle of wine on your birthday. Ignore the bitchy mom because her kid is probably stupid anyway.

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