This Lingerie Campaign Proves Pregnant Women Actually Make Great Underwear Models

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It’s not often that a fashion brand uses pregnant models to advertise products that aren’t specifically designed for pregnant women. Even maternity brands will often just stuff a plastic belly under the shirt of a not pregnant model. But an organic-lingerie company called Pansy decided that not only were they going to show their bras and underpants on pregnant women, they were also going to forgo Photoshop and just show the models in their natural state.


OK, the models are extremely conventionally attractive and still look like models who just happen to be pregnant with some very pretty baby bumps, but it’s still cool to see a brand take a risk and try something different. And it doesn’t hurt that the the photos are gorgeous.

According to Refinery29 one of the models is four months pregnant, and the other is eight months along and expecting twins. Um, go you, pregnant lady. At eight months I was more likely to be making a cranky face and measuring my gigantic ankles than reclining beatifically on some organic cotton sheets for a lingerie campaign, but maybe I just didn’t have the right underwear.

Pansy’s organic, sustainable lingerie is not actually designed as a maternity product, but apparently it works so well as maternity lingerie that pregnant women kept writing in to say how nice it felt. Designer Laura Schoorl told Refinery29:

“We have been getting so much positive feedback about the fit of Pansies from customers with growing bellies, as well as from new nursing mamas, that we knew we had to do a shoot.”

Using pregnant models is actually a pretty good idea for a brand looking to promote underwear as being primarily comfortable. Any underwear soft and stretchy enough to put up with while eight months pregnant is virtually guaranteed to be comfortable.

Photo: Instagram/Pansyco