You Are Deluded If You Throw A Pampered Chef Bridal Shower To Sell To Your Friends

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Just when I thought I’d heard it all, some “innovative” momtrepreneur comes out of the gate with a brand-new bridal shower party idea to extort all her friends. Now, I have to say, that I normally don’t mind attending bridal showers and baby showers, even though I expect them to be slightly boring and low on booze. I do mind being invited to manipulative MLM marketing parties (think Mary Kay, doTerra, or Pampered Chef) where I am expected to buy unwanted products in exchange for having a good time with friends.

We all already know that bridal showers and baby showers require a gift. But what would you do if you were invited to a Pampered Chef bridal shower with high-pressure sales tactics?

I have already attended two large bridal showers for one of the girls at my barn and just recieved an invitation for another shower given by her aunt who was at her origional shower. This invitation was on Pampered Chef stationary inviting you to attend a PC party in honor of the happy couple and you could try a new recipe prepared by the PC salesperson and then could select an item off the list the bride created and also purchase something for yourself if desired.

Is it me or does this seem kind of tacky? It just seems weird having multiple showers for one person and then the PC angle is odd knowing the hostess (the aunt) will recieve free products based on shower gift sales. Not to mention there is now way of knowing the price points of the gifts that the bride selected till you get there so it could be awkward for those on a budget or people who have already attended showers and still need to purcase a wedding gift as well.


Yes, TACKY is the perfect word to use here. I guess the premise of this party could be angled at convenience since you could potentially buy your bridal shower gift on-the-spot. But both you and I know that you will end up coming home with more than one kitchen gadget that you don’t need. If you are a Pampered Chef fan and want to buy their products, that is one thing. If you are invited to a bridal shower that not only requires a gift but attempts to sell you more products, that is quite another.

If I received an invitation like this in the mail, I personally would not attend. While bridal shower and baby shower trends may be a-changing (and I’m open to etiquette updates like printing registry information on the invitation for convenience), outright selling at a shower is a no-go.