Miss England Pageant Entrant Was Kicked Out Because She Is A Mom And That’s Not The Worst Of It

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mom'In a news story guaranteed to make your blood boil, a 23-year old pageant entrant for the title of Miss England has been barred from participating in the competition simply because she has a child. Pissed off yet? Keep reading, it gets worse.

According to The Daily Mail, Danielle Tyler even wrote on her application that her proudest achievement was her daughter. She was accepted and then a friend alerted her to this rule and she decided to question it:


But after sending an email to double check, Danielle claims she was told that despite being accepted she could no longer continue in the competition, due to Miss England’s policy of entrants not being allowed to be mothers.

Furious Danielle said: ‘I want to put across the message that mums, no matter how old or young, can still have the same hopes, dreams and achievements as women without children.


The fact that she was accepted despite freely admitting that she had a child and then summarily rejected via email is infuriating enough but I told you it gets worse and here we go:


Angie Beasley, director of Miss England defended the rule and said it is in place to ensure that the winner can carry out her role to the full, without neglecting any children she may have.

Angie, a former beauty queen herself, has been running the Miss England competitions for more than ten years.

She said: ‘Miss World and Miss England are both run by mothers who value highly normal family values.

‘It is both unfair on the child and her family to take the mother away from home for the year whilst she travels the globe.

‘It raises issues about who would take care of the child or children whose mother was fortunate to win. Surely it seems obvious to anyone that for a mother to devote herself fully to a role such as Miss England or Miss World that it would be unfair on any child.


Say what?! Are these pageant owners really trying to Mommyshame this poor woman for having the nerve to pursue a title that will involve travel AWAY FROM HER BAY-BEE!??!? Because Lord knows, there couldn’t possibly be anyone else who could help take care of her, right? How do they know that this woman doesn’t have the child’s father or other family members at the ready to help care for her child if she were to win? It is simply unfair of them to decide that no mother could be involved in this pageant because THINK OF THE CHILDREN! I know there isn’t really a male equivalent to a beauty pageant but I know of many fathers who travel constantly for their jobs and I doubt their ability to care for their kids ever factored in with whether or not they could be hired.


I just have trouble understanding how the organizers of this pageant have decided not to let entrants who happen to be mothers decide for themselves if the travel involved would make family life too difficult. The only restrictions for entry in this kind of competition that I could get behind are age and possibly, level of education. Whether or not a woman has had a child (or children) should not factor in. It is infuriating to hear that a pageant entrant was kicked out because she is a mom when no similar restrictions ever seem to occur for men trying to accomplish something.


Ms. Tyler has moved on and is now set to compete in the Miss Midlands final of Miss Great Britain, which does accept mothers to their pool of entrants. I wish her the best of luck and hope that her adorable daughter can see her compete, and hopefully, win.


(Image: The Daily Mail)