Owl Found In Family’s Christmas Tree After Living There For About A Week

Christmas Tree Owl
Facebook / Katie McBride Newman

This takes Chip and Dale hiding in Mickey’s Christmas tree in Pluto’s Christmas Tree to whole new levels. A family in Atlanta, GA, found a living owl making a home in their Christmas tree after one of the kids, India Newman, discovered one of their ornaments appeared to be moving.

”India walked by the Christmas tree and was freaked out and said, ”˜That ornament scared me, it looked like it moved!’” dad Billy Newman told the Newnan Times-Herald. The mom, Katie, thought it was a prank — especially because she owns several owl ornaments, she says.

But sure enough, the Newman family realized that there was, in fact, a little owl living in their tree that had grown quite thin after an estimated week without eating.

The Department of Natural Resources encouraged the Newmans to call their local Chattahoochee Nature Center to come check on the owl, who hadn’t budged even after its discovery. After a visit from the nature center and feeding the owl some chicken, the Newman family left the owl in a dim cage for the remainder of the day and put the cage outside with the door open at nightfall. CNN reported the owl was free within a few hours.

“Thank you for the honor you bestowed on our family — for making the magic [and] mystery of advent come alive in our home, and for inspiring connection among all who followed the adventure,” Katie posted on Facebook after the owl flew off. “God’s peace to you as you make your new home outside our home. We hope to see you again … And to all a good night.”

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