16 Of The Most Outrageous Viral Health Trends

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Can scraping your tongue help with bad breath? Sure. Can it put you on the path to mental, physical, and spiritual health? Mmmmm…

Image: Instagram/@hey-itscoco

We all brush our tongues in the morning to get rid of the gunk and nasty morning breath, right? It’s part of the process! But one of the outrageous health trends a lot of “healthy-living” bloggers and influencers are promoting takes it a bit farther. They claim that tongue scraping (exactly what it sounds like, btw) can not only help with bad breath, but it can eliminate “toxins” from your body and improve your overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Tongue scraping is actually an age-old Ayurvedic practice, but it’s recently caught on as another way to remove those pesky “toxins” and “bad bacteria” from your life.

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