16 Of The Most Outrageous Viral Health Trends

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Penis facials aren’t what they sound like (THANK GOD), but they’re still one of the outrageous health trends you can probably skip.

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Image: iStock / max-kegfire

Admit it – when you heard the words “penis facial” you imagined some sort of NSFW porn-type treatment, right? HARD SAME. But the facial made famous by stars like Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett doesn’t actually involve penises anywhere near your face. It does involve skin care products made from a synthetic form of a molecule derived from foreskins, though. Sounds neat! It’s hard (heh) to say whether or not using foreskin molecules does anything beneficial to your skin, but it’s approved by the FDA, so it’s safe, at least. But you can also just stick to your regular skin care routine and leaves the foreskin for … whatever foreskin is used for.

These outrageous health trends range from the silly to downright dangerous or absurd. Do yourself a favor and skip the trendy stuff when it comes to your health!

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