16 Of The Most Outrageous Viral Health Trends

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Carbs are not the enemy, and extreme diets for babies are generally a super bad idea!

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We know that carb-cutting is all the rage. But really, our bodies need carbs in some form or another. And when it comes to putting your infant or young child on a strict or restrictive diet, unless it’s for actual medical reasons, it’s never a good idea. Shan Cooper, a mother in Australia, went viral for putting her 13-month-old daughter Grace on a strict Paleo diet. Grace eats a diet heavy in protein and veggies, with very little carbs and no grains or dairy. Cooper claims the diet has kept her daughter from getting sick, saying she’s barely had a cold in her life. But dietitian Dr Rosemary Stanton warns against such a restrictive diet for babies, saying the lack of grains or even legumes in the diet of a developing child is concerning.

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