16 Of The Most Outrageous Viral Health Trends

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We’re surprised Mariah Carey is only on this list of outrageous health trends one time, tbh.

Image: Instagram/@mariahcarey

We love Mariah Carey, but she’s a little … out there. At one point, she announced that should would be going on a diet where all she ate were purple foods. Purple cabbage, grapes, plums, you get the idea. We don’t know if someone actually told her this was a legitimate diet, or if she just really loves the color purple. There’s nothing wrong with purple foods. In fact, plenty of purple foods are rich in potent antioxidants called flavonoids that benefit your heart, brain, and body. But experts warn that focusing on eating just one color of food means you’ll be missing out on vital nutrients in other foods, like “carotenoids in yellow/orange vegetables, lignans in brown whole grains, or the iron in red meat.” Eat the rainbow, decorate your home in your favorite color.

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