16 Of The Most Outrageous Viral Health Trends

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Celery juice! It’s everywhere, good gravy.

Image: Instagram/@jusubaryyc

Every once in a while, outrageous health trends pop up that claim to be life-saving. Life-changing! Life-giving. Big, lofty claims that are literally never backed up by any sort of science or medical research. Celery juice is just the latest, and might be the grossest? Nothing against celery, but drinking a glass of celery juice sounds terrible, tbh. Celery juice stans claim it will cure everything from acne to mental illness to digestive issues. And stars like Miranda Kerr are all aboard the celery juice train. But, you guys. Nothing, literally NOTHING, can live up to the claims celery juicers are putting out there. Is it bad for you? No, not at all! Drink a glass of celery, go nuts. Is it going to change and/or save your life? Not likely.

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