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10 Outdoor Toys Parents Enjoy More Than Kids

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The other day, I whined about all the reasons spring sucks for parents. Now, it’s time to rejoice, for it is the season of fun in the sun and if your kids eschew their outdoor toys, great. That means you can play with them! Honestly, my kids don’t even appreciate how wonderful it is to be a kid and to have “playing with toys” be their number one job. To that end, you can catch me on many a summer day snatching their toys for myself and having a grand old time in the yard. Because I’m nothing if not mature and reserved.

1. Hula Hoops



Any other moms out there who love to drink a little wine and make sad attempts at hula-hooping in front of the neighbors? Just me? Alright, then.

2. Jump Ropes

jump rope


I may be 33 years old but I still LOVE to jump rope. Much to my daughter’s embarrassment when I bust out my skills in our driveway. Sorry, honey! Mommy is a shameless show-off!

3. Sidewalk Chalk



Drawing with sidewalk chalk is so much fun but most kids lose interest after a few minutes. Not parents! I have mom friends who come over with their kids and we’re doodling on my driveway like idiots long after the kids have lost interest. CSI crime scene body outlines of everyone!

4. Bikes



Once your kids get big enough to have a bike that won’t break under your weight, you can totally borrow it for a quick ride down the block. Nothing brings back childhood like cruising around on a pink Huffy with streamers on the handlebars.

5. Roller-blades 

haters skate


Again, they have to be old enough for them to fit you, but roller-blading is so much fun and a fantastic work-out to boot! I may buy my own this season.

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