Our Grandmotherly Disney Princesses Don’t Need Any Cosmetic Work

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Disney Princesses

Our classic Disney princesses are getting on in years. Don’t let those timeless DVD covers and Disney stills fool you as these ladies are no longer the maiden beauties who were once waiting for their Prince. Artist Taija Vigilia chooses to capture our girlhood icons at their actual age — sans botox, fillers, or even hair dye.

On her personal blog, Vigilia writes that she considers the depiction “More grande dame than goofy.” She writes that “Snow White is 75, Cinderella is 62, Aurora is 53, etc.” and places them at “an Edwardian afternoon tea setting” with the younger princesses drawn as toddlers.

In her quaint illustration, Vigilia has also notably chosen to break one of the cardinal Disney rules by having the various Princesses acknowledge one another. Writer Peggy Orenstein noted that once Disney suits committed themselves to pushing The Princess Franchise (that is marketing the Princesses together as opposed to in their individual stories), Walt Disney‘s nephew had one condition. He asked that the Princesses never make eye contact with one another. That’s why most of Disney’s group gatherings of the Princesses look much like this:

Disney Princesses(photo: