Orlando Shaw Has 22 Children, Can’t Currently Pay Child Support, But Totally Deserves A Reality Show

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Orlando Shaw Nashville Deadbeat Dad


Ok first of all, do any of you readers have a baby by this man? Because chances are likely that you do, considering he has 22 kids by 14 women, and statistically chances are it could be one of you readers! Part of me feels like Orlando Shaw , from Nashville, must be one of the worst deadbeat dads ever. Not only for the amount of children that he has but he also owes tens of thousands of dollars in back child support, and has a criminal record so finding work has proven difficult for our new best friend Orlando. He is only 33-years-old! How did he manage to be this busy in such a short time on this earth? Oh, it’s because he loves women.
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He is a little bit confused, because even though he claims he “runs when they call” he refers to his children as his “siblings.” He is a bit confused about how many children he has, and how many women he had them with. Orlando doesn’t want any more kids, and plans on getting “fixed” and he seriously makes the scissors gesture with his hand. And he seems to have a bit of difficulty in naming them all. But you gotta admit, there is something charming about the guy. He is handsome. He is charismatic. And I would totally watch a reality show about how exactly he parents all these kids, which in the above video, he claims to do via cell-phone. And his plans on winning the lottery to support his kids may not be the most sound plan. And his statement where he claims:

One thing about mothers is this, when the kids are small, their like a mother’s priority and what I mean by that is they deal with them better, when they’re smaller. When they turn ten, 11 and 12, I really have to pull out the big guns.

Well, any of us moms could school him on that one because dads are just as important as moms at every age a child is.

Orlando Shaw needs to figure all of this out because he needs to support the kids he has. He need to learn how to co-parent with these women and even though he claims he does see his kids a lot, I’m sure he needs a  better system for that too. Even though Orlando Shaw is a sound bite, and I’m amused at him like everyone else who is watching this dad spew his parenting advice is, it’s a terrible story. The reality of it is, I’m sure there have been times when these kids needed something like diapers or new school shoes and Orlando just didn’t contribute, leaving one of his baby mamas to figure it out on her own. We are subjected to reality shows featuring heavily botox-ed “real” housewives and other gigantic families that show us their day to day realities, and I think a story like this is a lot more interesting and realistic, plus I think even though Orlando may have some goofy parenting ideas, he seems like he has a distinct point of view and he would be interesting to watch. Plus, I’m dying to know what his baby mamas think of him. Someone give this man a reality show.

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