This Orangutan Whose Baby Keeps Running Away Is Every Mom’s Patronus

Toddlers are gonna toddler, even if they’re not actually human babies. This baby orangutan trying to escape from its mother tickled the Internet and wound up on the front page of Reddit thanks to his adorableness and all his cute antics, but while all the child-free people cooed, “Aww, look at that cute baby!” all the parents in the audience watched like, “I’ve been there.” Because this orangutan mom whose baby keeps trying to run away is all of us.


That baby is really cute, but man, this looks exactly like trying to get a small child to leave the park. She gets him by the hand and starts to walk away, because orangutan mom has someplace to be, and then all of a sudden he breaks free and runs and jumps back on the swings.

I think my favorite part is when the mother orangutan was trying to eat a snack while catching the baby, and he grabbed it right out of her mouth and started eating it. She lets ┬áhim, and you can practically hear her say, “Fine, you can have it, but let’s go!” And then two seconds later he drops it on the ground and ignores it.

That kind of snack-stealing is a Class-A toddler move. “You are eating a snack? It is mine I want it! … Well now I don’t want it, I only want it when it’s yours.” Meanwhile mom is going, “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

She’s pretty chill, though. He runs away, she goes and gets him. He runs away again, she watches like, “And he’s climbing. Great. Now he’s climbing.” If her hands weren’t full of baby orangutan, she’d be rubbing her temples right now.

He’s totally doing it on purpose, too. He’s made a game of it and wants her to chase him, and she’s like, “Seriously, we have to go!”

When she drags him away by his foot, she definitely looks like the mom dragging a toddler out of Target.

Someone get that orangutan mom a Starbucks, with the whipped cream. She deserves the whipped cream today.

(Image: iStockPhoto / USO)

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