Open Thread: Tell Us Your Best Mother-In-Law Horror Stories

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also the time of year when our mothers/ mother-in-laws drive us nuts. There are so many ways to passive-aggressively insult someone on a holiday!

In my house, most of those ways revolve around food. I’ve gained weight since I had my second child, and there will definitely be some mention of how “fattening” everything on the table looks — or some other stroke of passive-aggressive genius from my mother. We don’t spend much time with my mother-in-law, so I don’t have those horror stories, but I’ve heard some doozies from friends.

So lets make each other feel better: is anyone else dealing with a bunch of passive-aggressive crap today? Let’s get it out. And if you’ve magically managed to escape this kind of behavior today, please do share some good stories from your past.

I make light of it (because laughter makes everything better), but situations with relatives who are judgmental can be really exhausting and depressing. Maybe consider sticking up for yourself this year — you can share that story, too.

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