Watch These Parents Burst Into Laughter After Gun Activist’s Speech At School Meeting

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gun-with-school-booksMost of us are working to keep weapons out of our schools and teach kids about the very real threat of gun violence, but if you ask open carry activists, weapons on campus are actually the only way to keep people safe. Fortunately for kids in Ann Arbor, Michigan, people who think that way get laughed out of school board meetings.

According to Raw Story, a group of open carry activists showed up at an Ann Arbor school board meeting yesterday to voice their objections to a proposal that would ban guns in schools. The proposal comes after a teacher was forced to call police earlier this month because he noticed a man with a gun at a school choir concert.

Earlier this month, an educator at Pioneer High School called police after noticing that 22-year-old Joshua Wade had shown up to a his sister’s choir concert with a pistol strapped to his side.

Wade told WXYZ that he had a moral obligation as a Christian to protect his family by carrying a gun — even when it was in a school, which he called a “mass murder enablement zone.”

In response to the incident, the school board called for a weapons ban on school property. The Ann Arbor Board Of Education met last night to discuss the proposal and Wade showed up, along with his gun and 25 other armed open carry activists. When it was his turn to testify, he repeated his assertion that schools are ‘mass murder enablement zones’ and took it a step further, asserting that ‘guns in schools just make sense.’ At this, the audience burst into laughter.

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