Show Up That Crafty Mom At Play Group With Online Knitting Classes By


The crafty mother on the playground who reminds you that she created all her kid’s winter wear this season might have some competition. Scarves and hats may be simple ways to tout your knitting skills, but let’s take things up a notch. Craft some little creatures for your babies and kids and really wow that playgroup. It’s easy with online knitting classes from

Though there are lots of classes to choose from at Craftsy, This online tutorial with knitting expert and author Susan B. Anderson offers detailed segments on how to knit “Wee Ones,” including bunnies, elephants, hippopotamuses and even cute little sweaters for them. Sign up now to receive a 50% discount and get access to the class for only $29.99. You can view the step-by-step segments at your own pace and your access to the videos never expires, so you can review lessons at any time. Preview the lessons beforehand to see if you’re really into the idea of these no-seams Wee Ones toys, but if you lose interest, feel free to cancel with a 100% money back guarantee.

Aside from making the other mommies green with envy, these simple classes allow you the rare opportunity to give your little ones a homemade keepsake from mommy or daddy that they can treasure for years to come. That little elephant head may just be rolling around the crib for now, but imagine it several years later being tucked into a school bag, sitting on a school desk or peeking out of a box packed for college. Fisher Price may come and go, but a knitted treasure from the hands of a parent puts any girly Lego to shame.


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