You Can Give Your Valentine A Breadstick Bouquet From Olive Garden This Year

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Olive Garden

Image: Olive Garden

Welp, Valentine’s Day is a mere hours away, and chances are you’re still scrambling to find a gift for your sweetie. Because once you have kids, your holiday attention is taken elsewhere. You had to buy class Valentine’s and treats for the party. Going to go out on a limb and say you then had to hand write all those Valentine’s because lord know your kids didn’t do it. And now here you are, two days from the day of looooooove, and all you have to show for it is leftover heart-shaped lollipops. You’re probably inclined to just shave your legs and call that a gift (and it is!). But if you want to get your partner something special, might we suggest an Olive Garden breadstick bouquet? Or screw your partner and get them for yourself! The screwing could count as a gift anyway, HEYOOOOOO.

Valentine’s Day is about to get a lot more carb-y with this Olive Garden breadstick bouquet.

olive garden breadstick bouquet

Image: Olive Garden

Yep. That is an actual bouquet of delicious gluten-y breadsticks. Say what you will about Olive Garden’s food (it’s not great), their breadsticks are outstanding. So pillowy and soft and perfect for dipping! We could go to Olive Garden and eat an entire meal of salad and breadsticks. Who needs pasta?! No one. No one needs pasta when you have breadsticks. Which is why they make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s a gift AND dinner! You’re killing this holiday, friends. Yes, you are.

Getting your hands on an Olive Garden breadstick bouquet is super easy.

Just head over to the Order Online section of their website, and order some breadsticks to go. Will they come in a wrapped bouquet? Well … no. BUT, that’s where this next stroke of genius comes into play. Olive Garden has kindly offered to you, lovers of love, a selection of breadstick bouquet wrappers to download and print. Pick your favorite and wrap your breadsticks up, then present them to your partner with all the flourish they deserve.

Image: Olive Garden

They have five different wrappers to choose from, all with a pithy Valentine’s Day message to your bread … or your partner. In addition to the Olive Garden breadstick bouquet, the Italian-ish restaurant is offering a special Valentine’s Day takeout dinner for two (because getting a sitter on V-Day isn’t easy). For $35.99, you get a choice of soup or salad, breadsticks, a shareable entree for two, and dessert. It’s a pretty good deal, and you don’t even have to get dressed up to take advantage of it!

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We love that V-Day is moving away from the lovey dovey heartsy stuff, and giving us what we really want. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup bouquets, breadstick bouquets, even pickle bouquets! Say “I love you” with food, not flowers.