Olive Garden Brilliantly Offers Parents Free Babysitting On February 7th

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In what is probably the most brilliant marketing move since “Got Milk?” the Olive Garden is offering parents the chance to eat out sans children just in time for Valentine’s Day (albeit on the 7th, not the 14th). They’re calling it a “Parent’s Night Out,” and it’s being used to promote their 2-for-$25 deal. So where do I sign up?

According to a statement made in the Orlando Sentinel, by a restaurant rep, Olive Garden is partnering with My Gym, a children’s fitness chain with stores all over the country. Parents will be able to take their kids to one of the almost 150 My Gym locations and apparently pay a deposit, which they will get back when they bring back their Olive Garden receipt.

I say “a chance to eat sans kids” because each My Gym center can only accommodate approximately 30 children. I wonder if parents will be camping outside of the store Harry Potter-status? According to Jay Spenchian, the VP of Marketing at Love Garden, the chain wants to “help parents out:”

“We want to give them a break. What better way to give them a break than to go have a special night, worry free, and the kids can have a great time?”

The real reason for this Olive Garden babysitting deal is probably due to their diminishing sales and various promotions, who honestly? Who cares!? It’s FREE BABYSITTING. I don’t even like Olive Garden all that much (though who can say no to endless breadsticks?), but this is a deal that I like.