Hilariously Creepy Old Spice Ads Show Moms Lamenting Their Kid’s Sexuality

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 8.02.40 AMI don’t know a whole lot of moms who feel amazingly sad at the idea of their teen sons becoming sexual beings. I mean, sure, we worry about them being safe and responsible and engaging in consensual acts, hopefully after they have moved out of our basements, but beyond that, gross. I don’t even like to see my own son kissing his girlfriend because ew, I changed his diapers. Which I think is the underlying message of these new Old Spice ads which show a lot of moms being terribly sad their little boys are all grow’d up, and display this sadness by stalking them and singing a sad song while their sons make out with girls.
[youtube_iframe id=”8M-sAPobpfY”]

Do you know who we can blame for this? Old Spice for spraying our son into a man. It’s pretty funny and cute but it also makes it seem like moms are incapable of seeing our sons as separate from us, and that their new found sexuality is due to smelling like whatever Old Spice smells like, football and um, other man stuff. Spice? Dirty laundry? Forgetting to take the trash out? Xbox? Is that what teen boys smell like?

I find the line “When our sons have fun with women and misbehave” pretty problematic, because what exactly does that mean? I don’t think any mom would consider holding hands or kissing misbehaving, which makes it seem like when the commercial ends the sons are getting up to more nefarious deeds of some variety. That involve a lot more things than just wearing Old Spice.

So I find the ad cute and kinda creepy and funny, but I doubt most moms can relate. But maybe that’s not the target audience anyway. It probably should be though, because who do they think is buying the deodorant and body spray?

(Image: you Tube)

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