Of Course Beyonce Would Feel ‘Empowered’ By Her Pregnancy. She Has Roberto Cavalli Maternity Wear

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You know who is finding pregnancy to be very “empowering” these days? Beyonce. The superstar said in an interview that aired yesterday that she’s feeling “empowered” since getting pregnant. And although I more than advocate a woman feeling empowered while cultivating a new life, there are quite a few factors that make Beyonce’s pregnancy a bit more “empowering” than say yours or your friend from playgroup: Beyonce’s career has not slowed down for a millisecond since becoming pregnant.

Beyonce told ET Canada about her pregnancy:

“It’s been great. I feel free. I feel very empowered.”

This is shortly after attending the launch of her new perfume, Beyonce Pulse, in New York City in which she presented the bottle to photographers in a Roberto Cavalli ensemble. Money and status are not the sole means to feel empowered, especially when expecting. But even though Beyonce may find herself running up against the discomforts of pregnancy, her persona ensures that she won’t encounter many professional restrictions as a pregnant woman, especially when it comes to her brand.

The triple threat has conquered each realm of performance, from acting to singing to of course her very notable dancing. And as a result, Clint Eastwood has been willing to reschedule the entire production of his film accommodate the singer’s pregnancy. Unless you’re a D-List celebrity looking for some publicity, pregnancy tends to put a damper on the professional aspirations and capabilities of many women. Even if you’re lucky enough to work for a company with a friendly workplace policy towards families, there aren’t many rules in place to regulate the look your boss gives you when you announce that you’re pregnant.

Since announcing her own pregnancy, Beyonce’s has accrued even more positive press with an out pour of love from fans and reporters alike. And even if you did find her mommyjacking of the VMAs heartwarming, there’s no denying the business objectives in taking such an announcement to the VMA stage. Despite Beyonce’s many accolades, getting pregnant has done wonders for her career and image — and in a way that perhaps another Grammy or perfume campaign could not. And in that context, yes, I would agree that Beyonce’s pregnancy has been most “empowering.”

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