We Saw This Coming: Octomom Might Go To Jail, Is Being Investigated For Welfare Fraud

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ursulaI feel like no one should be surprised by the idea that Octomom might end up in jail for welfare fraud. We’ve all be in agreement for years that Nadya Suleman is more than a little sketchy. There have been numerous claims of abuse and neglect for the woman’s 14 kids. It wasn’t really a question of ‘if’ her children were going to be taken away from her, just when and how. And now, we might have an answer.

According to the super sneaky sources over at TMZ, who seem to be constantly involved in all things Octomom, Nadya Suleman is now being investigated for welfare fraud. She’s currently receiving various forms of government support, like food stamps, for herself and her 14 children. According to California state limits, Suleman would have to make less than $119,000 a year to receive support. (That might seem high, but we’re talking about a family of 15 here.) Reports says that Suleman made more $200,000 in the last year through endeavors like pornography and stripping.

Of course, don’t go assuming that the world’s most controversial IVF patient can be counted out. She’s come back from worrisome legal issues and claims before. The mom hasn’t been prosecuted yet.

At the same time, her dubious financial dealings might be easier to prove than any of the random neglect claims thrown Octomom’s way. Maybe she’ll finally find herself being forced to take responsibility.

At this point, it simply feels redundant to mention how dramatic and stressful life must be for those 14 children who have to depend on this woman for their care. Hopefully they’ll be alright through the latest legal issues to face their mother.

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