In Wake Of Sexual Abuse Charges, You May Finally Have Legitimate Reason To Hate Octomom

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Nadya Suleman is facing allegations from two former nannies of sexual abuse and child neglect. Octomom has been the butt of every joke for a quite a while now. From her ridiculous statements to her new mommyhood-themed porno, she has made it easy for the public to laugh at and dismiss her. But the newest charges about this mom of 14 aren’t funny. They aren’t something for us to shake our heads or roll our eyes over. They’re extremely serious and they could land Suleman in prison.

Though Nayda is denying the claims and suggesting that the women are jealous of what she has, she might have a hard time discrediting her former employees. These women aren’t writing tell-all books. They aren’t even releasing their identities to the press. They were forced to sign confidentiality agreements when they started working for Suleman and are afraid of being sued for breach of contract. But they are supposedly worried about the children involved and decided that they needed to resort to desperate measures.

The nannies claim that Nadya Suleman tied her children to their beds with cheeseclothes so that they couldn’t get out when they were supposed to be asleep. They say she propped a chair against a door, so none of the kids could bother her when she was napping. And the most egregious and troubling claim, they say that the older children have been left in charge of the octoplets, leading to violence and sexual abuse. The women claim that an older male sibling would lead away a smaller girl and “touch her,” and that even when Nadya was confronted with the news, she brushed it off. Also, the older siblings hit their younger siblings, causing bruises and black eyes, with no reprimand or punishment.

These nannies say they did the only thing they could think of, given their contracts. They wrote an anonymous letter to neighbors asking that they report Suleman to Child Protective Services. It should be noted that CPS has investigated Octomom before and deemed that the children were safe in her care. But some neighbors were disturbed by the letter and their own experiences, choosing to forward it to CPS and also calling the police. One couple told news reporters that the way Nadya Suleman speaks to her children, “It’s like verbal abuse.”

The La Habra, California Police Department confirmed that they are taking this case to the District Attorney, who will decide if they can press charges.

Honestly, I think the whole thing is a little terrifying if true. We’ve been feeding into this woman’s obvious pleas for attention since she burst into pop culture with her eight new babies. We’ve been laughing at her, continuing to keep her in the public eye. Heck, I’ve even felt sorry for this woman. The idea that abuse and neglect has been going on at such an extreme level underneath our noses is a little sickening. What’s more, what will happen to these 14 children throughout this new scandal?

Sometimes siblings give other siblings black eyes. My brother broke my sister’s foot. (He pushed her off a coffee table she was not supposed to be climbing on and felt really awful about it for the next year, but still. It happens.) But neglecting to act on sexual abuse happening between siblings? Tying your children into bed? There is no excuse. This is not a joke. And if it’s true, those naughty movies will be the last thing people should care about when it comes to Octomom.

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