Wait A Minute Here, Octomom Is Actually Somebody’s Daughter

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octoMILFI stumbled across a headline earlier today that made me do a double-take: “Octomom’s Dad Says She’s Moving To Australia.” The fact that Nadya Suleman is “escaping” the States, where she’s pretty much hated, isn’t shocking. The part that freaks me out is that Octomom is somebody’s daughter! Or, more specifically, that she has a father who knows she’s alive.

Ed Suleman told Woman’s Day he and his daughter are moving to Sydney to escape her critics. “People in America hate my daughter and that breaks my heart, so I think the only solution is for us to all move away,” he said. “And I can’t think of a better place for us to go than Australia, as living in California has become toxic for Nadya.”

Apparently, one of Nadya’s uncles lives in Sydney, and he’s volunteered to help get the family settled in. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about your “average” family here: you’ll recall that Octomom has a whopping 14 children! The unemployed single mother is famously on welfare, and she’s attempting to make ends meet via a career in porn. Her latest project is a much talked about masturbation video, Octomom: Home Alone, which shows Nadya – disturbingly dubbed OctoMILF – taking care of business amid mounds of onesies and baby socks. (Hot!)

Back back to her father. Ed Suleman sounds protective of his daughter, which is sweet. Like most good dads, he probably just wants what’s best for his child. Though the thought of him catching a glimpse of her masturbation video is even more disturbing than the idea that one of her eight zillion children might view it one day.

Still, Ed discussing his daughter in Woman’s Day reminds us that Octomom or OctoMILF or whatever you want to call her is somebody’s daughter. Sure, it’s very easy to make fun of her – as I myself am guilty of doing – but putting her in the context of daughter makes it all the more difficult.