Octomom’s Octo-Brood Just Celebrated Their Fourth Birthday

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Octomom ChildrenI can’t recall where I was exactly when I first heard that a woman named Nadya Suleman, now dubbed Octomom, had given birth to octuplets thanks to a certain doctor. But time certainly does fly as those eight little babies are babies no longer. In fact, they managed to breeze through their toddler years as Octomom recently hosted their fourth birthday party. Turns out that in between reports of porn, welfare, rehab, and stripping, those eight kids were growing up.

The Huffington Post reports that Octomom threw her brood a “small” birthday party over the weekend in the family’s home. Only family and close friends were reportedly in attendance. No handing out of the birthday invitations to her 18 favorite paparazzi and making the kids pose with presents, so yay.

But having a kids’ birthday party in the backyard in January is kind of like begging the weather gods to start raining on all your hard work. So when the weather started to look not quite so awesome, Octomom switched it up — as I’m sure a mother of 14 is fairly used to doing:

“We were afraid it was going to rain, so we put the jumper slide in the family room and the kids had a blast!”

Glad those kids got a good day away from the limelight. For once.

(photo: WENN)