Your Best Friend Octavia Spencer Is Writing Your Kids A Book About a GIRL Ninja

Octavia Spencer is the coolest you guys. Not only is she gorgeous and super talented, she also seems like she would make a super cool BFF and bring you soup and bad Redbox movies when you have a cold. And take your side in every argument. And make you feel better about your stupid hair that is doing that stupid thing when you leave the conditioner in too long and it looks like you may have not washed it for a week. Octavia just seems like that type of lady-friend. And because she is that cool, she has to go and up her cool quotient by writing a children’s book for middle-schoolers featuring a girl ninja!

From The Washington Post:

The news release describes the book’s protagonist as a 12-year-old ”Brooklyn vigilante with a Tae Kwon Do black belt” who moves to Tennessee with her dad after her mother dies, then gets sucked into a mystery involving the town’s missing time capsule.

For the love of Nancy Drew, a girl ninja! And the title of the book to be released next year?  ”Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective: The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit.”

I’m totally squealing but my editor won’t let me write sentences that just read “EEeeEEEEEeeeeeeEEEee!” so instead you have to imagine me happily clapping my hands. A book that features a girl ninja. Not a girl who falls in love with a vampire. Not a girl who sometimes has to fight to survive with a crossbow and arrows but mainly has to choose between which two boys to give her affections to. Not a girl, who although she is super smart, has to always have the spotlight taken off her and put on her friend who has a lightening bolt scar on his forehead. A girl ninja!

From the news release:

“I want to take young readers on a sleuthing adventure,” says Octavia Spencer. “Growing up I was a huge fan of mysteries like Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown, and my biggest hope is that after meeting these young detectives, kids will experience the same sense of magic I felt when solving my first mystery.”

An index at the end of the book will  provides fun activities and a website, so kids can explore the book interactively when they are finished.

I’ve all ready decided this will be the best book for preteens ever, because my best friend Octavia Spencer is really smart and even though the lead character of her new book series shares the name with Ozzy Osbourne’s old guitarist and a progressive talk show personality I’m pretty sure a book about a girl ninja protagonist will be pretty great. We need more books written by women featuring girls who are strong and smart and interesting. And ninjas. I’m placing my pre-order as soon as possible.

(photo: wenn)

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