Object Of My Affection: The Ultimate Crib

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I have a friend whose architect husband’s dearest wish in life is a concrete chair. Oh, how he longs for his wife to rest her back, weary from schlepping their 5-month-old all day long, on the cozy concrete chair of his dreams. He also (unsuccessfully) tried to ban a glider from the nursery, citing the insult to his excellent taste. Though he did get some bizarre baby-hanging device from Europe rather than use a bassinet, which I must confess is pretty stylish.

This crib, then, is for all architects named Dieter (of course his name is Dieter) who are determined that “baby stuff” won’t take over their lives. Inspired by acrylic furniture pioneer Charles Hollis Jones, the beautiful Hollis crib from Nursery Works is made from non-toxic and recyclable Lucite and features curved edges, a fixed side rail and three mattress height levels. Not yet special enough? It’s a limited run, so each one comes laser-etched with a unique number.