Object Of My Affection: The Training Dresser By Peter Bristol

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Since you spend so much time putting together perfectly adorable outfits for your kids while you trudge along behind them on the way to school looking like their personal concierge, it’s high time they at least learned to put away their own socks, right?

But if you’re finding that screaming: “Put away your goddamn socks already!” isn’t doing the trick, The Training Dresser by designer Peter Bristol is here to help.

The high-design, handmade-in-America cabinet has drawers in the shape of the things that go in them. Genius, right? And stylish enough for Parental Slaves, too, when they ever get around to buying some clothes for themselves.

The dresser comes in one design for girls (with skirts and tanks), one for boys (with shorts and t-shirts), and one for Storm – the “genderless” baby from Toronto who’s been setting tongues flapping across North America (I kid, I kid. Everyone knows he’s a boy).

$1500; contact [email protected] to place an order.