Object Of My Affection: The Roadster Saab

After a lifetime of being one of those meshuginas who rides a bike in zero-degree weather, I finally own that ultimate symbol of adulthood: a husband. Er, I mean, a car! (When my son Ben was born earlier this year, urbane modes of transportation became far less appealing.)

Now, mind you, my first car isn’t exactly a luxury mobile, what with its lack of air conditioning, suspension or the telling fact that my friends just handed it to me as a gift rather than bothering to try to sell it for scrap.

But I don’t want Ben to think that life is all shabby seat covers and an engine that complains if you try to go more than 70 miles per hour. Which is why I’m getting him a Saab. Scandinavian design company Playsam’s classic Roadster Saab ride-on toy is based on the very first Saab Sixten Sason‘s prototype 92001, with a steering wheel made of wood and metal just like the old sports car steering wheels and everything. (Take that, Radio Flyer!). I just hope that once Ben gets a load of this baby he doesn’t start refusing to be seen with me.

(Photo: playsam.com)

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