Object Of My Affection: Groovy Wallpaper By Aimée Wilder

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I’ve been obsessed with designer Aimée Wilder ever since I was preggers and decorating my baby boy’s future room. Many beached-whale nights were spent curled up with my laptop pining for pop-y wallpapers by this Brooklyn-based designer. Her technicolor sensibility has been featured on for everything from  bedding to footwear and for everyone from Crate & Barrel to Urban Outfitters, Skip Hop and DwellBaby.

Even though we longed for her robot wallpaper, we settled for a groovy wall decal by another company. But sometimes I still like to visit Aimée on the interwebs and imagine what the next nursery in my dream house will look like. And for the imaginary wee girl baby who lives in my dream house, I’m definitely going to splash out on this adorable Kokeshi pattern (based on traditional Japanese dolls) wallpaper. Future baby girl is too damn cool for cutesy ducks or bears! Also, she’s going to be a brilliant novelist one day. I’m sure of it.