President Obama Becomes Coolest Dad Ever By Inviting One Direction To The White House

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one directionI’m sure that a Presidential campaign is difficult and emotional for two teenage girls. I can’t imagine the type of scrutiny and pressure that Sasha and Malia Obama are under. So it only makes sense that their doting dad, President Obama, would want to get the girls a little something to thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout the campaign. And since he’s the President of the United States, I guess it makes sense that he would have some pretty awesome connections capable of arranging a really awesome thank you. Enter the boys from One Direction.

That’s right, the teen sensations that have won the heart of every girl under the legal drinking age are headed to the White House for a special performance. They were extended an invitation directly from the Obamas to say thanks to Sasha and Malia. By the way, I said thank you to my daughter for her good behavior and support during a difficult time by buying her Cinderella on Blu-Ray. I’m just saying.

Apparently, Michelle Obama invited the band to the White House months ago, but their hectic schedules made it difficult. This time around, it looks like the guys will have an opportunity to play for the First Family, though no date or time has been set yet.

I have to admit, since the media went straight from the election victory to doomsday reports about the upcoming “fiscal cliff,” it’s kind of nice to hear about how Obama plans to thank his family. It reminds us that there were two teenagers watching their dad get criticized by the media, holding hands with their family on election night. Their world could have been upended again had their father left the election. Their future schooling, friends and location all depended on those votes as well. It had to be quite the emotional roller-coaster for those young girls.

Good on Obama for doing something special to show them his gratitude, even if it is a little bit larger than most parents would do. It’s a kind gesture. And hey, if the President can’t pull a few strings for his little girls, what’s the point of being President anyways?

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