The Obama Girls Were Evacuated From School Following A Creepy Ass Phone Call

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Sasha and MaliaPresident Obama and Michelle Obama seem to have had quite the scare today. Granted, when you’re serving office and your children are dragged into the public eye along with you, concerns about safety are always a priority. But POTUS and FLOTUS must of felt that tug of parental concern when they got word that Sasha and Malia‘s school had been evacuated.

Washingtonian reports that around 11:30 a.m., parents were treated to a message from the school’s emergency notification system that went:

“This is an emergency message from Sidwell Friends School. Due to a suspicious phone call, the buildings on the Wisconsin Avenue campus have been evacuated. We will notify you when further information is available.”

Threats at the Sidwell Friends School are reportedly not all that rare and it’s not quite clear at this point whether the phone threat was in direct correlation with the Obama girls.

After the kids were filed out of the buildings onto the soccer field, law enforcement officials began an investigation and concluded that the students “were not at risk.” The Sidwell kids ultimately returned to class this afternoon and no further details on the threatening phone call have been released.

Nevertheless, I’m sure the Obamas plan to hug their girls a little tighter tonight.

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