President Obama Gives Michelle The Best Anniversary Gift Ever – Alone Time

Obama anniversary present
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If you’ve been married or in a long-term relationship like I have, then you probably appreciate the occasional weekend alone, when you can get it. Hell, some of the best “vacations” I’ve been on were during the years I lived outside of NYC, when I would bring my oldest daughter back here to spend vacations with her dad – nothing like a long weekend at a hotel without the kids or husband to refresh you back from the brink of insanity. Apparently Michelle Obama feels the same way. FLOTUS, she’s just like us!

According to a press release from the White House:

“As part of her birthday gift from the president, the first lady will remain in Hawaii to spend time with friends ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday.”

Now, I’m sure it won’t be long before the sanctimommy brigade comes out in full force and condemns Mrs. Obama for “abandoning” her kids and husband, but I think this is basically the greatest anniversary gift of all time. Think about it, if you and I need the occasional weekend away to de-stress, how much more stressed must the first lady be? No matter what your feelings are on the president and his wife are or what part of the political spectrum you fall on, one thing is for sure: Michelle Obama has a busy schedule, one that not every woman could handle. I know I couldn’t.

For Christmas this year, the whole Obama crew, including the president, Mrs. Obama, and their two daughters Sasha and Malia, spend two weeks in Hawaii doing normal family things like hiking, golf and even visiting a local steakhouse.The press release didn’t mention how long Mrs. Obama would stay in Hawaii, when she’s be back, or whether or not Barack Obama would be making TV dinners until she returns (which is a joke, so no need to cry “misandry” MRA dudes, I’m sure Barack is an excellent cook).

Whelp, I know what I’m asking for when my anniversary rolls around. I mean, it won’t be Hawaii, since we don’t have tons-o-cash, but maybe I can finally take an actual bath or something. If Michelle can do it, I can too, dammit!


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