NYU Student Allegedly Sharing Dorm With Roommate’s 4-Year-Old Is Probably Not Getting The Hard-Partying College Experience

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shutterstock_32091172I don’t know about you guys, but the last thing I wanted to deal with while in college was a bratty kid running around my dorm room and disturbing me while I was studying or trying to get laid or watching “Sex In The City” or doing my nails or something. College is for learning and vomiting and doing drugs and sleeping with boys with unfortunate facial hair, not dealing with some Handy Mandy obsessed ankle-biter.  Can you imagine college roommates who are toddlers? This is what NYU junior Shasten Snellgroves is claiming is going on in her dorm room. From NYUlocal:

…we now have Shasten Snellgroves, a junior at NYU who says that NYU is forcing her to share her living space with her roommate’s four year old son. Snellgroves says that with NYU’s sign-in policy, the child could spend every day in her room and sleep over six nights a month. She is not comfortable with this situation at all.


So Shasten wrote a letter to NYU Local voicing her concerns:

In my contact with these directors, I very directly addressed how I feel extremely uncomfortable with the situation for many reasons. I am a student and I do not feel as though I should be subjected to this kind of living arrangement. How can I be a successful student with a four-year old running around my study/living space? Assuming this student isn’t allowed to bring her son to class, why should student housing be any different?

Other questions were also raised as to who is responsible if this child manages to open the medicine cabinet and overdose on my medication or ingests cleaning substances? What is the child slips in the hallway or bathtub and sustains a serious injury? Who is going to stop the child from opening the refrigerator and drinking my bottle of wine? I now have to change the way I live my life due to the fact that a child will be a frequent guest in the apartment?


Oh I feel ya Shasten. Why should you have to have a 4-year-old college roommate during your educational experience when you should be able to focus on getting your degree and/or getting crunk? I’m with ya. College is hard enough as it is without having to worry about some snot-nosed kid infringing on your personal space. And I feel for the mother of the child too, because they obviously have to live in a dorm for some reason and can’t get different housing or live in a family dorm. I think the reasonable solution would be to pair Shasten’s college roommate up with another mother with a kid and let them all be one big happy mother/child dorm space, and give Shasten a new childless college roommate.

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