‘Milkman’ Panties: Perfect For The Emasculated Husband

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The general nursing bra industry may think that you’re sexless and unattractive, but it turns out that your husband actually finds the whole nursing babies thing a bit emasculating. So while you’re shopping at Hotmilk for nursing lingerie, don’t forget to visit the special section for men which offers playful briefs that affirm your hubby as the “milkman.”

Perhaps the design is intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but the image of a buff “milkman” clutching a bottle of milk with a scantily-clad woman crawling over his back is just comical. I’m all for partners being more involved in the birthing and childrearing process, but that enthusiasm should mean participation. After all, slapping on some “milkman” boxers doesn’t automatically make a husband supportive of his breastfeeding wife.

Although Hotmilk has gone to considerable effort to make their site “man-friendly” (whatever that means) and humorous,  their website has a tendency to speak down to men like they’re caveman, often resorting to silly stereotypes to keep daddies on the web looking at nursing bras. In their designated “men only” section, they assure their male customers that they are fulfilling their male “purpose” to buy ladies tons of stuff — it’s not as if they are actually invested in getting their lady friend a nice present:

Well look there’s plenty of good reasons to spoil your special lady – birthday, Valentines, anniversary (oops) or you’re just trying to dig your way back out of the dog box. But hey, to be fair you don’t need a reason, ’cause you’re a man, and a man’s purpose is to buy women stuff.

Anyone who buys that line is surely in need of some masculine  “milkman” panties.