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It Is Obvious These 10 Nurseries Are Not Meant For Babies

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5. I’m sure a baby would never get curious about these glowing spheres totally within her reach. They are a GREAT idea.

Charlotte L. via Pinterest

6. It is a little known fact about babies that they love for everything to be the color of oatmeal. Oh, and hanging curtains around the crib is always smart so the baby can have her very own Tarzan moment. Me, baby. You, dumb. via Pinterest

7. This one combines the color of oatmeal with a freaky-assed life-like giraffe that can creepily peep into their crib all night. This won’t ever give your baby nightmares, I promise.

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8. This one combines many elements- crib curtains for scaling, fancy white chairs that will have spit-up and shit stains in no time and the omnipresent giraffe to watch over your offspring. via Pinterest

9. All babies need a circular platform surrounding their crib so they can practice their balance-beam moves and most importantly, escape the crazy parents that thought it was a great idea to do this.

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10. This room is just asking for a post-nap shit smearing. Again, be glued to your video monitor!

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