British College Girls Raise Money For Their Team By Taking Off Their Clothes

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Bristol University netball team calendar girlsGirls should always be encouraged to take to sports should they want to, and even though many teams manage to be not as well funded as those of the boys, being innovative with ways to make money for the team is very much a part of academic sportsmanship. Bake sales and even racy car washes are what I remember from my own high school and college experiences, but some netball players from the Bristol University decided to bare a lot for a fundraising calendar.

Nothing says “support women’s sports” by conveying to audiences exactly what you’ll be on the field for in the first place: looking sexy. Athletic prowess clearly doesn’t matter if you’re a girl on the field, as all anyone really wants to do is see you naked and drunk.

Bristol University netball team calendar girls

While all these young ladies are of age and are quite bright (one of them is a medical student), their means by which to secure funding raise questionable intentions as to why we support women and girls’ sports in the first place. Not surprisingly, the calendar has done exceedingly well with more prints being scheduled since the ladies initially set up shop. They maintain that although they do have sponsorship, they don’t have enough money as a club for “running costs.”

Molly Thorpe, a 19-year-old second year medical student, told Daily Mail that she and teammates need money for equipment and fitness classes. And yet, these ladies will receive those resources not based on talent or mastery of the game, but because they promoted a bunch of topless photos of themselves perched on a bar. Way to dribble that ball, ladies.