NRA Responds To 9-Year-Old Killing Man With Uzi By Tweeting ‘Children Can Have Fun At The Shooting Range’

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A 9-year-old girl accidentally shot an instructor at a gun range this week, when she lost control of the Uzi she was learning to fire. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. Why in the world would anyone think it was a good idea to put a semi-automatic weapon in the hands of a child? The world responded with shock and horror – NRA Women responded by tweeting this story, “7 Ways Children Can Have Fun At The Shooting Range.”

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The tweet was based on this tweet by woman’s hunting site, Woman’s Outdoor News:

“Hey guys, we shoot for practice all the time, but sometimes those plain paper targets get pretty boring.”

Seriously? Monday night a little girl kills a man at a shooting range and Tuesday the NRA shares this? And what the hell is #responsiblechildren supposed to mean, Women’s Outdoor News? That little 9-year-old wasn’t being “irresponsible.” She was too small to be handling a weapon like that. Her parents are idiots.

Range instructor, 39-year-old Charles Vacca, is dead because several adults, including him, thought it was a sound idea to put a submachine gun that can fire almost 30 rounds per second into the hands of a child. The linked story the NRA tweeted lists a number of new and colorful targets for children who are bored with the traditional bull’s eye. It claims children “can imagine they’re getting rid of the monsters from their nightmares.” Pretty sure this 9-year-old will be haunted by nightmares for the rest of her life – and they have nothing to do with fictional monsters.

The timing of the tweet is in the poorest of taste, but I would expect no less from the NRA, who continuously makes it their responsibility to act completely tone-deaf to the issues that plague this country because of their loose interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The Huffington Post points out the “column about children’s shooting targets was posted on August 20, almost a week before the Arizona shooting. Why the NRA would decide to push out this column to the more than 7,000 followers of its “NRA Women” account is unclear. The NRA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”