12 Mothers Insta-React To NRA’s Armed Guard In Every School Proposal

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NRAIt’s been exactly one week since the murders of 20 children and six teachers broke the hearts of people across the country. Every mother and father hugged their children tighter, both grateful that their families were safe and grieving for the families that lost precious lives. In the last week, thousands of people, including President Obama, have called for increased gun control to protect children against another attack. Today, the NRA responded, suggesting that schools need more guns, not less.

That’s right, the National Rifle Association held a press conference to announce their plan for armed guards in every school across the country. Instead of controlling access to weapons of war, the gun rights’ activists would like to see our schools become military compounds. Never mind that Columbine had an armed officer when it experienced tragedy. Forget that another famous mass shooting recently occurred at an actual military base.

The NRA asked parents to get involved and demand armed security for their children’s schools. Unfortunately for them, most parents are asking the NRA pipe down or do something productive on gun control. We decided to round up responses from mothers around the web, to see how they’re all feeling about the NRA’s proposed to solution to mass shootings.

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