Apparently The NRA Wants Every Child In America To Be Protected By Armed Guards At All Times

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The NRA is continuing on their puzzling crusade to convince people that the solution to gun violence is having more guns, everywhere, at all times. To get their message out, the National Rifle Association crafted this commercial, aimed at fighting back against President Obama‘s rebuff of their idea to put armed security guards in every school in the country.

[youtube_iframe id=”miSjgv1MH7s”]

See, everyone! The President is a hypocrite because his family, the First Family, gets armed security guards at all times. Why shouldn’t your family have the same protection?

And let’s not stop at schools. If Sasha and Malia went to play at a park, they would get armed protection. There should be security at every park in the country. When the President’s daughters went to the beach, there were Secret Service protecting them, making sure that photogs didn’t get bikini pics of the girls. Lifeguards should all be carrying weapons and ready to shoot down anyone with a camera pointed at your little girl. Stand with the NRA and demand armed security guards for every child at all times. I’m sure that will end the horrible culture of violence in this country.

Okay, now let’s get serious. First of all, armed security guards don’t actually protect kids at schools. There was an armed guard at Columbine. There was an armed guard at Taft Union High School, where a student was recently wounded by one of his classmates, and where more could have been hurt without the level-headedness of one brave teacher. Armed guards at schools is not the solution to the gun violence problem in our country.

In response to criticism over their outrageous ad, an NRA spokesperson said, “Whoever thinks the ad is about President Obama’s daughters are missing the point completely or they’re trying to change the subject.”

It’s funny that they should mention “trying to change the subject.” It’s not a coincidence that an ad opposing gun control mentioned a tax increase. This ad had nothing to do with gun control, because the NRA realizes that no one expects their children to have the same security system that the President’s daughter have. This ad was simply about stoking anger at the President. It was created simply to induce rage and increase hatred where it already exists, not to change anyone’s mind on the issue of gun control.

This ad is ridiculous. It’s insulting to the intelligence of the American people. None of us expect that our children are going to have the same protection as the President’s family. Most of us do not want armed security following our every move. If a man were standing in my house with gun right now, as I type on my computer while drinking coffee and wearing my pajamas, I would be a little uncomfortable.

The NRA are the ones who really want to distract attention from the core issues. And debating armed guards in schools does that, it distracts from meaningful solutions.